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Rift is an abstract expressionistic painting, using strong bold colours and movements, with splashes and scrapes used to create the various effects and colour tones.  I really wanted to paint something orange and bold.

It captures the imagination, and each viewer will see something different - figures or falls, canyons and colour, whatever the imagination conjures.

This painting takes a huge departure from reality however one can see or experience the rift almost dissecting the painting.  To some, it may represent the rifts which occur in life.

I love the joy of abstract painting, you can just look at it and see what you see.

Original: 90 cm x 90 cm - Acrylic on Canvas (Not for sale)

Fine Art Reproductions are available in various sizes and stocks. Framing is not included, however, stretched canvas reproductions are ready to hang as-is. 

Whilst I have endeavoured to quote delivery as accurately as possible, should there be any additional insurances required or unforeseen issues with delivery to your area, you will be contacted prior to the order fulfilment to confirm your order and delivery costs. 

Images of staged paintings are for visualisation purposes only.

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