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Reflections started as a totally different painting, one that I looked at
and contemplated for some months, not really sure of which way to go
with it and not using any reference whatsoever.

This sometimes happens with my paintings – they go on a journey with
me, and depending on what is happening at the time (which is usually a
lot) a painting may take months to complete to my satisfaction!

So eventually, one evening in my studio, I decided to go all out and I used
a very large brush to make sweeping strokes across the canvas, and
daubing shapes and colours with the end of the brush.

I was really pleased with the results and today it is one of my favourites.
Viewers often see different things, one lady from Canada saw yachts
sailing on the Great Lakes. 

Original: 150 cm x 150 cm - Acrylic on Canvas (Not for sale)

Fine Art Reproductions are available in various sizes and stocks. Framing is not included, however, stretched canvas reproductions are ready to hang as-is. 

Whilst I have endeavoured to quote delivery as accurately as possible, should there be any additional insurances required or unforeseen issues with delivery to your area, you will be contacted prior to the order fulfilment to confirm your order and delivery costs. 

Images of staged paintings are for visualisation purposes only.

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