Original and reproduction works of art for your home or business.

About Kaye

Kaye’s first creative experiences involved writing and research, creating public exhibitions and publishing non-fiction Australian history books.

Later in life, wanting to pursue her love of art, Kaye attended McGregor School of Art at USQ in Toowoomba and several workshops with gifted and famous artists such as Donald Waters and Kelli McGregor.

Kaye’s love of art took her to Paris twice, where she soaked up classic art at the Louvre and Musee de’Orsay (to name just a couple).  She visited Giverney, where Claude Monet lived and painted for many decades.

Walking through his beautiful garden and home and over the little bridge (which is portrayed in many of his paintings) gave her the inspiration to paint a series on water lilys which have a distinct Monet look to them.  Art trips to Italy – Lake Como and Venice - and sixteen other countries including Gallipoli, have contributed to her vast knowledge of art and art history.

Kaye’s work has two directions; abstract impressionism and landscape impressionism.  Abstract Impressionism is often characterised by “gestural brush strokes and/or mark making, with the impression of spontaneity”. 

Her Landscape Expressionism starts with an abstract idea and invariably evolves as a landscape. 

Kaye has a strong affinity with nature, the colours and textures of rocks, trees and water often capture her imagination. 

Kaye is only too happy to talk to clients if they have a particular colour or subject in mind.  Many of her paintings have been reproduced as archival quality fine art reproductions however she is very happy to create original works as commissions. 

Whichever way it goes, her art certainly adds a great investment to any home or business.

From the Artist:

My art embodies the enjoyment I find in the journey of a painting. All of my fine art reproductions come with a Certificate of Authenticity and are produced with archival materials that will last over 150 years, ensuring you will have your work of art looking vibrant and prestigious for generations.

Thank you for taking the time to enquire about my art. My work is precious to me and I am loving sharing it with you. Please don’t hesitate to talk to me about how we can make this happen or if you would like to know about ordering a custom original.

Kaye Whitney